Protests against the American missile base in front of the Czech TV

The question of the presence of the American missile base on the area of the Czech Republic is rather confusing. On the one hand, Czech foreign Minister Svoboda said that it was very likely that the Americans would turn to the Czech Republic – be it in a form of a proposal for placing here a radar only or in a form of suggesting the construction of the whole base. The extent of the Czech involvement remains in his view thus unclear, though. On the other hand, the US ambassador Cabaniss announced the decision had under no circumstances been met.

Czech experts should travel to the US next week to discuss the possible technical and legal aspects of the question. This meeting should definitely be important for the way the Americans decide. They are said to be choosing between the Czech Republic and Poland. Hungary should reportedly be no longer considered.

There were protests in front of the building, where the Czech Television resides in Prague, yesterday. People, who disagree with the base, met there to voice their protest against the way, in which the TV informs the public about the whole question. The protesters said that given most of the people are against the base, the news should reflect this opinion. They therefore asked the TV to be more objective but the television refused to accept claims about its lack of objectiveness.

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