Prague's river guard moves

Prague has had its river guard unit since the year 2003. The impetus for its establishment were the infamous and destructive floods from the preceding year. Up to now the special police unit has had their temporary base at Cisarka Louka island. Next week the guard moves to a new base in Lahovice.

The river guard was created mainly for the purpose of helping in the case of floods. Nevertheless, their responsibilities are much wider. They also “patrol” in their boats more than 20 kilometres of Vltava river as well as the reservoirs Hostivar and Dzban. Their work also includes control of fishermen and boats on the river as well as supervision of the banks of the river.

In the course of the few years of unit’s existence the policemen broadened and deepened their abilities. The members of the river guard are thus professionals with skills from many areas such as life saving, diving as well as using the most modern technology.

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