Prague centre may be cleared of illegal posters

Both tourists and Prague dwellers frown at the street lighting, bins, benches as well as tram stops covered with illegal posters. The problem may be close to its solution thanks to attempts to find agreement between the association of “stickers” and the Prague city.

For the agreement to be reached there must be a trade off between the two sides. The town demands that all illegal posters disappear from the historical centre of the metropolis. On the other hand, the “stickers” complain that Prague does not provide enough space for firms, which cannot afford the costly billboards of city-lights, to advertise on. They therefore demand more legal space in return for removal of the illegal posters from the centre.

They also proved that they are able to fulfil their promises. All posters from the centre disappeared namely thanks to their action during the so called “week of poster silence” that took place in the beginning of June.

The proposals thus include special areas outside the centre as well as approximately forty rounded columns for advertisements and small-format posters that should be placed in the historical heart of the town. The columns should blend in with the historical surroundings because of their appearance in style Art Noveau.

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