Prague Zoo in the night

Last weekend was the first opportunity to visit Prague Zoological Garden during the night. The visitors could have a look at the animals under the veil of night and gain thus a unique experience. Night visits allow namely the participants of the special tours to have a look at animals that are usually asleep during the day. Not to mention that the whole garden has a completely different atmosphere.

Prague Zoo will open its gates in the evening several more times – more specifically each weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from half past eight, nine o’clock and once more half an hour later. The special tours are led by guides and last approximately two hours. They should be reserved in advance because each group can have a maximum of 25 people. The bookings can be done via mail ( or using the telephone (296 112 230). The adult ticket costs 140 crowns and children pay a half of this sum. The price for parking is already included in the entrance fee.

This weekend is bound to be very busy because the night tours will be preceded by a very rich day programme. Saturday is a special day for a young Giraffe girl – she is going to be christened. All children who come with a coupon from ABC magazine will have free entrance. Penguin Humboldt celebrates his tenth birthday on the following day. Both days will certainly be very exciting since they are going to be filled with many competitions.

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