Admire African Beauties whilst in Prague

“Africa – Wild at Heart” represents a great opportunity to “visit” a continent associated with wild beauty but also a continent of increasingly threatened and gradually vanishing magnificence.

This exhibition offers many ways to peep into the African world – world linked with cultural richness as well as dire poverty, with wild beauty on the one hand and danger on the other hand. For some it is the ancient “home” of human race, for others a continent where humans suffer…

The division of the exhibited large scale professional photographs into three sections ensures the visitors are offered various perspectives. All of the photos come with description and some useful and also surprising facts.

Firstly, there is a section depicting Africa through “the eyes of the gods” – as the continent is seen by the birds (or rater from a plane). Secondly, “wild at heart” section shows true wilderness because when viewing some of the shots one must wonder, how such a photograph could have actually been taken. The last section opens a window into the life of many African tribes.

The photographs are the core of the exhibition but there is much more to it which makes it so special. Three dimensional objects belonging to the work of the explorers as well as parts of skeletons of rhinos and unbelievably big butterflies (from the National Museum and the Botanical garden) enhance our impressions.

The exhibition (open daily until the beginning of September) is situated in Karolinum (Ovocný trh) and a purchase of the ticket also allows you to visit the renovated foundations of the world famous University from the middle ages in the underground of the building. Can there be more reasons why to make sure this exhibition is included in your itinerary? You may also want to have a look at the official pages.

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