Finishing touches to reconstruction of Karlin Theatre

Despite the fact that Karlin Theatre still resembles a building site from the outside, only finishing touches remain before the reconstruction is completed next month. The main auditorium is said to be finished from ninety per cent and the remaining works are just minor details. The renovation and repair works lasted more than one year and required 630 million crowns. The reconstruction started after the damaging floods from the year 2002 but was needed already long before that.

The theatre will completely change its appearance. Even the former pink colour will be replaced by the original green. It may be rather difficult to recognise the historical building since it will be surrounded by modern annex comprising new technical equipment, changing rooms, a studio as well as a ballet assembly room.

The only truly historical area will be the auditorium but even here changes took place. The stage was doubled at the expense of a smaller auditorium. This is certainly an improvement since the fewer spectators will enjoy better view and greater comfort. This can be tried for the very first time during the festive premiere of musical “Producenti” (The Producers) with Ivana Chylkova and Martin Posta with which the theatre will be opened.

The “old-new” Karlin Theatre, which should be lit during the night, will thus combine the most modern technological support with precious historical tradition.

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