Letni Letna festival will end the holidays

For Letni Letna Festival 2008 continue here

Already the third year of the festival Letni Letna (Summer Letna) will take place from 21st August till 3rd September. The festival aims to show the most interesting aspects from new circus as well as from special theatre. Clown performances and other aspects of visual arts will also be presented.

The area lying between the Havansky Pavilion and the famous Kramarova vila (Kramarova villa) will be covered with circus tents, cabarets and there will also be space for a bar and for music performances. Concerts will be on the evening programme list daily.

The festival performances and shows will be the work of artists both from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. To give you some flavour it is possible to name the French Malabar with their Helios II. This performance is based on a fire show and apart from dangerous acrobatics you can look forward to seeing a huge mechanical model of the European mantis. Cirque Trottola with their humorous performance with extraordinary props and lots of juggling will also travel to Prague from France.

This year’s festival will thus offer lots of very interesting performances showing different aspects of these arts. Children can also look forward to special programme.

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