New giant library for Vitezne Namesti

Vitezne Square will in the course of the next two years change dramatically. There should namely appear a giant library at a place, where there is currently only a parking lot. The building will be truly gigantic since it should measure 70 metres by 70 metres and the shape of its base should resemble a rounded square.

The project will require around two billion crowns and the new National Technical Library (currently residing in Prague Clementinum) should become the biggest library built during the post-Velvet revolution period. Apart from the library itself there should also be a cafe, a night reading room, a large hall as well as an area of exhibitions and a bookstore. All of this should fit into five floors of the building to which the architects plan to add three underground ones. Here should be space for book storage as well as a parking area.

The new technical library should be rather extraordinary. The architects designed it in such a way that the running of the building should be very economical. There should be for example no need for air conditioning because of the surface of the building with double layer of material.

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