Czech scientists are developing new cure against Bird flu

Czech Republic as well as another countries is trying to create new cure against deadly bird flu, because it is not certain if Swiss medicament Tamiflu works. Now Czech scientists brings a great new: One of Czech chemical substances is very effective against bird flu!

The scientists send a number of samples to United states for detail analyze and after many tests American scientists found “better and more efficient Tamiflu”. US society pharmaceutical Gilead Sciences send this message to creators of the substance CSAS Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Still there is a long road ahead, but everything seems good. For example the substance has a lesser number of side effects.

Bird flu virus H5N1 killed 136 people in the world mostly in area of south-east Asia. The flu was detected in 14 countries of European Union, Czech Republic has 14 bids killed by the flu. The bird flu is one of expected flu what can cause a world epidemic. Now people can be infected only by a bird, but mutation could cause transmitting between humans.

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