New type of light at Charles Bridge

One of most visited monuments in Prague Charles Bridge undergoes the test this night. As we informed the bridge will be restored. The term of general repair was moved to next year spring. Now conservationists want to test the best type of lighting at the bridge.

Charles Bridge now has electrical lamps with sodium bulbs. Gas lamps was there until the end of sixties. Prague city hall wants return of gas lamps into historic centre especially to Royal road.The third option are electric lamps with halogen gas-filled tubes. They have similar colour of light like gas lamps.
You can see lamps at night at these three pictures:
Night mystery, Towards Lesser Town, Lamps and Statues.

Specialists will place the same number of lamps at same height at places, where contemporary lamps stands. So the Bride will be “split” in three parts, each of them takes four arches of the bridge. Gas pipeline is at the bridge no more so there will be portable source.

The specialists will judge the quality of different light sources like a colour, a luminous intensity and a total impression. Too intense light could disturb people in near buildings, too mild light can cause bad visibility from distance as a part of panorama for example. The complete change of light system will be a part of whole Charles Bridge restoration.

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