The fate of Solar system lays in Prague

Prague hosts International Astronomical Union in these days. As you can read in our recent article, two and a half thousands astronomers from 75 countries discuss about important things in sphere of the universe. Whole world now awaits one of most important decisions for a century with hold breath.

Is ninth planet of Solar system Pluto a real full-value planet? This problem appeared in year 2003 when another relatively small object was found in distant orbit. This object is bigger than Pluto and has a name 2003 UB313 or Xena. Shortly after another six objects bigger than Pluto was found. Pluto is very similar to them and different from other large planets like eighth Neptune.

Astronomers must decide what the term “a planet” means. This will mostly bring changes in schoolbooks. Planets will be re-count and this can bring number eight or even sixteen. Some astronomers want to specify Xena as a planet, but strong opinion is that this “small objects” (Pluto has only fifth weight of our Moon) should be termed as a planetoid – a small planet, something between a planet and an asteroid.

The astronomical conference in Prague ends 25th August and world media hope that the fate of Pluto will be decided here.

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  1. Shah Ahmed Shafi said, Aug 18, 01:42 AM #

    An asteroid should be considered as a planate even if it is bigger in size. Therefore astronomers in Prague should decide Pluto and other two celestial icy bodies as planate. Thus the total number of planate of our solar system would be eleven.

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