Czech Republic has two prime ministers now

Czech Republic has a new prime minister. It is Mirek Topolanek from ODS. But all competences still has Jiri Paroubek (CSSD). This conditions still until the inauguration of the new Government.

The elections were two months ago and the Speaker of parliament was voted this Monday. It is Miroslav Vlcek (CSSD) who is in this function only temporary. Paroubek’s government resigned yesterday and the president Vaclav Klaus accepted it. After that the new prime minister was inaugurated. Topolanek must negotiated with Social democrats (CSSD) if he still wants to be a PM. After inauguration of new Government it has thirty day to approve it by majority in parliament. After the government inauguration the members of the old one will leave their posts.

The law says that the only old is in office, but there are some indistinct things. For example who has a right for Prime Minister’s salary or diplomatic privileges.

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