The number of HIV positive people is growing in Czech Republic

Czech doctors send message to Czech population: HIV virus is still in Czech Republic and the number of infected people is growing faster.

Lowest number in recent years of infected was in year 2002, when it was fifty people. After that the number started to grow again. In year 2005 it was 90 and from January to July it is 64 people.

Doctors and specialist says that is because that discussion and information about the prevention disappeared from public. People are more light-headed. Statistics says that only one fifths are women. Most of them are homosexuals.

It is 891 registered HIV positive people in Czech Republic from year 1986. 202 of them have AIDS and 121 people died of this confirmed illness. Highest number of infected is in Prague, number of infected counted on people in region is highest in Karlovarsko (Karlsbad region) and in Usti nad Labem region.

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