Tip to trip: Zbraslav chateau

Zbraslav chateau has a history nine hundred years old. Now visitors can see exhibition of National gallery.

In 12th century location of chateau was in ownership of Kladruby monastery, after century and a half, Czech king Premysl Otakar II. build there hunting-seat. Wenceslav II, Otakar’s son, built there monastery. After 39 years the monastery was built, and Wenceslav was burried there after his death.

In 1420 was the cloister burned out by Hussites, after that was repaired. In next years the cloister was despoiled by Hungary army. It was damaged again during Thirty-years war. Te cloister has becoma a chateau in 19th century.

Now there is a depository of National Gallery and collection of Asian art. Now the gallarey presents exhibition Landscapes, birds and flowers. The galllery is opened from Tueasday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A fee is 80 crowns for adults, 40 crowns for kids and students. You can easily get there from Smichov train station by bus (numbers 338, 318, 361, 243, 241, 129). Nearest station is Zbraslavske namesti (square).

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