Czech Wrecks 2006 race

New car race comes to Prague. Although races are very popular, this one is not welcomed by Prague city hall. Czech Wrecks 2006 has as a most important condition the cost of a car lower than 100 GBP. City hall is scared from wreckage heading to Prague.

The race starts in city Calais, France. It is expected that cars arrive to Prague 4th September. Police worries, that racers would left their trash-cars in Prague streets and the magistrate would have to remove it at their costs. Police also doesn’t wont to have problems with racers who are exceeding maximum speed limits.

The organiser Justin Clements says that the Prague don’t need to worry. The race is not about fastest car, but the track has many trials on the track. too fast ride is not problem at all, because these cars has can hardly reach it. The organiser has a as a conditions to be part of the race like insurance of a car or a technical approval.

Czech Wrecks are this year for the first time and mow has seventy registered cars, most of crew are from Great Britain. Other racers are from Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and five teams from Czech Republic.

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