Man in kilt at statue of St. Wenceslav

This morning a man in kilt climbed at large statue of St. Wenceslav at Wenceslav square. The man with blue face as Willam Wallace in a movie Braveheart sat there until a fire brigade come and took him out by ladder.

It was shortly before 7 a.m. when someone call to fire brigade that some man in skirt was crawling at the statue. Then the brigade arrived fire men had to use a ladder to take him. The statue was blue at some places after rioter’s exhibition.

This is not the first case what this guy done. He was on Saturday at Moto GP in Brno, where he went in a track after a ride and he rode there at kid scooter. In the evening he tried to exhibit naked in front of Brno’s audience at the stadium. Even he wears Scottish clothes he is Czech.

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