Prague has street of Karel Kryl

Prague has one hundred new streets every year. In the day of remember to Soviet occupation 21st August 1968 a new name of a street was inaugurated yesterday. The street has name Karla Kryla (Karel Kryl’s).

Karel Kryl was not only one of the most important anti communistic singers with unforgettable lyrics. He was forced to emigrate from former Czechoslovakia in 1969 to Western Germany. Kryl returned in revolution times in 1989 where he played a protest meetings. Karel Kryl died in 1994. He is buried in Brevnov monastery.

Karla Kryla street is in Prague district Stodulky, where he visited his sister and where he composed some of most of his songs. The name of street was suggested by member of Parliament Pavel Bratsky who was a mayor of Stodulky many years. The street was inaugurated by Bratsky, mayor of Prague Pavel Bem, mayor of Stodulky David Vorazka with Kryl’s brother Jan and widow Marlen. The member of Karel Kryl’s club mr. Ludek Zmrzlik sang one of Kryl’s song there.

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