Do you want to rent Charles Bridge?

As you can read in yesterday article Prague rent Charles bridge to fashion company Luis Vutton as a part of race of veterans.

The bridge would be closed from 6th to 10th September, first three days will have three meters wide corridor for tourists, the bridge would be closed completely from Saturday 3 p.m. to Sunday 2 a.m. This is because is planned party at Charles Bridge Some councillors of Prague 1 are annoyed because no one told him abut this drastical close of one of the most important monuments in Czech Republic.

The agreement was made between the company and Prague 1 hall and Technical Administration of Communications. Now special comission wants to know how was the contract signed. Prague 1 invites 1,2 millions crowns as a profit to district cash, but someone says that is almost nothing in 750 millions crowns large years budget.

Charles bridge cost 250 000 crowns for every day of shooting (the fashion company want to shoot documentary about the race), other rent is paid in addition. It is 10 CZK for square meter every day.

With this i bring another infromation. Reconstruction of Charles Bridge is moved to spring of next year.

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