Hussite parade at Charles Bridge

Yesterday brought much more of history into Prague centre. A parade of Hussite warriors from 15th century marched across the Charles Bridge to Kampa island. At the top of parade rode on a horse Jan Zizka in full armor, a great leader of Hussite armies. Sound of drums could be heard in a wide surrounding.

People could see at Kampa medieval swordsmen, knights, a medieval market – a fair and jugglers. The meeting also offered medieval music.

This event was a small presentation of Medieval Festivities in Tabor town in Southern Bohemia. The festivities are between 15th and 17th September and visitors can see a lot from medieval times.

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  1. artdog said, Sep 2, 02:27 PM #

    Anyone know the url for info on the Medieval festival in Tabor? I can’t find anything.

  2. Mirek (author) said, Sep 4, 02:33 PM #

    I’ve tried to find information about Mediaval festival, but all of them are in Czech only. If you are interested, I can write an article about this festival. Is there something specific what do you want to know?

    I can also try to contact organisers of the Medival festival.

  3. artdog said, Sep 5, 08:27 AM #

    I can handle pages in czech but I am just looking for general information and maybe a schedual of events.

  4. Mirek (author) said, Sep 6, 10:00 AM #

    So that is not a problem.
    Here is a list of medievel events in Tabor.
    Here you can see the whole programme at Tabor meetings.

  5. artdog said, Sep 6, 02:44 PM #


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