Prague will need outer circuit as fast as possible

Infrastructure of Czech highways is continuously becoming connected and more dense. This good new brings in upcoming months problems for Prague.

Prague is a focus point of most highways in Bohemia. Star type of highways brings problems for Prague now. New finished parts of highways will bring more cars into Prague. Capitol city has a problem with proper infrastructure for heavy traffic. An arterial leading through centre of Prague is totally unfit and unfinished inner circuit is now at maximum of a capacity.

Works on outer circuits continues, but one of important parts connecting highways to Pilsen and to Brno will be finished soonest in year 2009. The rest have even more problems. 17 kilometers out of 83 is built, but it is not certain where exactly the circuit will lead at many other places. Second problem is very common: a lack of money. Total cost is 84 milliards crowns and complete finishing of outer circuit is expected between years 2015 and 2020.

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