Cigarettes will be more expensive

Czech Government will raise costs of cigarettes. Next raising starts with a new year. Cigarette distributors are slowing down the cost by a forward buying of duty stamps. This step will bring economic shock for smokers, because the new raising will meet the old one from the beginning of this year almost in same time. The cost of a pack of cigarettes will be raised by 20 crowns instead of fifteen.

Czech most popular cigarettes Petra, will cost 66 crowns instead of 44. This makes a pack more expensive by one third. The Government follows European union directions and this step will bring money to state budget.

It is expected decreasing number of smokers. Phillip Morris is the strongest cigarette producer in Czech Republic. Sixty per cents of cigarettes sold in CZ are made by this company, but smokers are starting to by cheaper brands. Shares of the company have half cost now.Czech smokes 24 milliards cigarettes every year.

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  1. maria wilkinson said, Oct 7, 06:04 PM #

    coul someone please tell me how much can you buy 200 cigerettes for in prague

  2. Jana said, Oct 9, 11:55 AM #

    The price can vary a lot, it depends what kind of cigarettes you want, e.g. for a packet (= 20 cigarettes) of Start which is one of the cheapest you pay 40,50 CZK, a packet of Petry 51,- CZK, LM 56,50 CZK, Malboro 66,- CZK and Dawidof 68,- CZK.

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