Prague defend citizen parking lots

The system of parking zones is spreading in Prague. Green and yellow zones are for travellers from outside of Prague in cost from 15 to 40 crowns as well as underground garages. Blue lines are for resident population, who has one-year ticket in cost of 700 crowns. Now City hall started to defend these places against reckless drivers without permission.

Prague has started with a tow of cars in Platnerska street yesterday as a demonstration of their plan. Four tow tracks were used and if necessary than can be all thirty four tow cars in streets. They can tow up to 300 cars a day. Raising number of tow tracks in street starts next week. Prague wants to return rights of paying residents back. Towing in cases of bad parking is possible from July when new road law came into effect.

The owner has to pay 1450 crowns for the tow plus a fine. Every day cost 200 crowns at a tow parking place. When an owner would get to his car in time of towing he would pay 850 crowns plus a fine.

It was counted over 15 000 violations in two months, 1600 cars were towed. Now about forty per cents of cars stand at blue lines without permission.

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