Karlin Theatre has the curtain back

Years passed since huge Prague floods in year 2002. One of the most damaged city district was Karlin. Now Karlin theatre comes alive. One of the strongest symbols of each theatres is the curtain. Karlin’s now has this symbol back.

The curtain has survived floods because it was threw up before the floods came. Because the theatre has been under restoration, the owners decided to restore the curtain too. Transporting such a large piece of heavy and coloured fabric from the end of 19th century was difficult, so the restorers had to roll the curtain to a cylinder.

The curtain has 8,3×12 meters and over four hundred kilograms so the curtain was restored at tennis courts in Zbraslav. Restorers had to dry, to line and to fixate the curtain before the own restoration.

Now the curtain will be used before each performance. First performance starts on 12th October presenting musical Producenti.

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