International board-games festival

Board-games festival Deskohrani (board-gaming) present for everyone who has a gaming spirit great opportunity to see, to play and to buy many games, regardless of the age.

Deskohrani begins 30th September and ends 8th October between 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Prague Lesser Town in Sokol building. 321 board or card games are for kids, adults, amateurs, professionals for free.

The festival is prepared by the non-profit association Duha, part Děsír – Board Games Club Paluba, in cooperation with the Czech Go Association, Czech Federation of Draughts, Czech Scrabble Association, Czech Federation of Othello, and a few volunteers like me.

Competitions are the part of the festivals as well as official tournaments. So if you are interested than visit 6th Deskohrani anniversary. All required information can be found at official pages.

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