Prague centre is still bike-unfriendly

Although Prague presents their effort for creating more cycle-ways in Capitol city, still a total length is small. Prague now has about 200 kilometers, but only 64 are only fr bikers, the rest is merged with pedestrian pavements.

New part of cycle-way in length 800 meters has been inaugurated by Prague mayor Pavel Bem yesterday. But the way is a cycle-way just because there are signs which says that. So thee are sections with “Walk with bike” sign, a phone booth in a middle of the way, bus station, surface unfriendly with narrow-tyre bikes and of course pedestrians.

Prague’s effort is appreciated, but still the large work is ahead. ride on bicycle in the centre is so unfriendly, that only one per cent of citizens is willing to use a bike for a travel into the heart of Prague. The biggest problem is lack of cycle-ways there, so bikers have to ride with cars at same road.

As members of organizations focused on better travelling for bikers says, the Prague should use restoration of streets and roads as a chance to cheap creating of cycle-ways.

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