New city hall building is fuly functioning

As you could read in our recent article, Prague magistrate started to move into a new building. Large moving from many buildings under one roof has been finished yesterday.

Thousand and fifty office holders is now in Skoda palace in Jungmann street. There is a space for another fifty workers. Last works in the building like fixing information signs, lights is followed by the sound of drills. “Living guideposts” are now temporally made by guards. Nevertheless the office works properly.

The contract for building was signed seven months ago for twenty years, now the office will work more effectively and is more citizen-friendly. All required operation could be made in 1st floor. As Prague mayor Pavel Bem said, the building become like a office supermarket, where customers can use many public utilities at the same time.

The office was visited by a thousand people during the first day. Office has a capacity of a thousand and six hundred people every day. Only four detachments remain at their original positions like New City Hall for the mayor, City council and divisions. Other departments are financial section at Franz Kafka square, Archives of Capital City of Prague and Mayor’s residence.

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