Number of anonymous bomb menace has been raised

Prague police records raising number of anonymous bomb threat in Prague due to terrorist menace. All of them have been false alarms. This only raises the nervousness of Prague citizens.

Experts says that this kind of unbalanced people are using the event of terrorist thread, because it force the higher number of policemen to solve this false alarms. The people are mostly outsiders and their goal is to “control” others by their bomb calls. The second group are mostly young “jokers”.

Six anonymous calls appeared during the weekend. One of them said that a bomb is set in the metro tunnel in the bottom of Nuselsky bridge. Fortunately the metro was closed only for a half an hour.

The second one announced about a bomb in hotel Marriot. Over two hundred people were evacuated, still nothing has been there.

Police has to verify every announcement, even the kid’s voice can be heard on the other side of a telephone. On the other hand police is very effective in searching for those people. Modern technologies with a combination of Prague camera system make the fight against those people much easier. An offender can spend up to five years for spreading of a startle.

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