Terrorist threat in Prague

This weekend have brought the threat of terrorist attacks in Prague. Serious warning about possibility of bomb attack in Prague caused the biggest safety measures in Czech history since 11th September 2001 after the attack on World Trade Center in New York.

An extraordinary session of the Government became at Friday night, the public has been informed in 2.28 AM at Saturday night. Police forces has been mobilized since 4 AM. Terrorist threat is connected with the successful disposal of terrorist efforts in Norway few days ago. The investigation has shown that Prague could be in danger, mostly Jewish objects. Jews had a holiday this weekend, some their objects were closed.

Prague has been protected by dozens of policemen like synagogues, train stations, sub-way lines, the airport, Israel and U.S. embassies and other highly frequented places.
Large number of policemen are equipped with MP-5 sub-machine guns, and bullet-proof vests, armoured vehicles are already used like in front of Ruzyne airport. Police forces are trying to create as few restrictions in Prague as possible.

There is no reason to change habits and intentions for citizens or tourists. Feel free to visit shopping centres, stadiums, monuments or any other places in Prague.

Emergency plan is ready to be launch if necessary. Hospitals and ambulances are prepared for possibility of attack in Prague. They cooperate with medical support in Central Bohemia. They can replace their standard work in the of terrorist attack.

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