The day without cars

On Friday 22nd, the Czech republic joined the European Mobility Week programme with the “Day without cars”. The purpose of the event was to prefer public transport or bicycles instead of cars, and so to call attention to the negative aspects of the increasing automobilism. Also it was to show, that there are alternative ways to travel fast in a city.

During the day, people in 22 Czech towns had the chance to travel by public transport for free. On many places in Prague, motorists were replaced by cyclists and there was a competiton between travellers on bicycles, by public transport and by cars. The cyclists were the fastest, some of them even arrived with special costumes.

Even thought this was a fifth time the Europen Day without cars took place in Prague and its tradition goes back to 1991, the number of cars in the country keeps increasing. Nowadays, every second Prague citizen owns a car.

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