Czech salaries compared to the west

Salaries in the Czech republic have been continually rising very fast, but the average salary is still much less than the average in the western Europe.

The salaries growth in the Czech republic from 2002 to 2005 was 17 percent, due to inflation the real growth was about 13 percent. That is much higher number than in countries such as Germany or France, where the salaries almost stagnate. Despite that, the average Czech salary makes still only 21 percent of the German one, compared to 18 percent in 2002. That´s why it´s almost impossible to say, when, if ever, the Czech salaries will reach the level of those in the west.

In 2002, the average Czech salary per year was 7 212 euro, while the average of the whole European Union is 28 024 euro.

But compared to the communist era at the end of the eighties, the salary growth is significant: when we convert it according to prices in 2005, people earned in average one third less than nowadays.

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