Faster through Prague by trains

There are two new railway tunnels built underneath Vitkov in Prague and people had a chance to see them over during the weekend.

The purpose of the building is to integrate Prague and suburban railway lines into the city´s public transport. The tunnels will improve the connection between Prague railway stations, which should make travelling by train through the city faster. The old tunnel used so far, will be free and can be used as a cycle-way.

The new southern tunnel will connect Hlavni nadrazi (the Main Railway Station) with the stations in Vysocany and Holesovice. It is 1365 metres long. The other, northern tunnel, is 1316 metres long and will connect Hlavni nadrazi and Liben station.

The first trains should go through the tunnels in two years. There will be more trains in operation than now and some trains will connect the city center with the suburban areas.

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