Faster way to Prague - new highways

The remaining 3,5 km lap of the highway D5 from Prague to Germany via frontier crossing Rozvadov opens this Friday. On the same day German side launches a 30-km-long highway A6 that will connect Rozvadov with highway A93 Amberg-Regensburg-München.

Czech and German highways will be connected at one o’clock on Friday by cutting the tape in Rozvadov-Waidhaus. That’s the first time in history when the east and west highway networks will be joined together.

Travelling on the highway will be not only faster but from the next year also more expensive. For travelling on Czech highways a road tax sticker (dalnicni znamka) is needed. The prices of these stickers remain the same, but the validity will be shorter. A sticker for 7 days (earlier 15 days) will cost 200,- CZK and for one month (earlier two months) 300,- CZK. A sticker for one year will be valid until the end of the year (earlier till January the following year) and will cost 900,- CZK. Newly a toll will be charged to truck transport.

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