Record-breaking dividends of Czech companies

The Czech companies are becoming more profitable. This year there will be highest dividends payed so far.

Total number is 85 milliards of Czech crowns. Most of the money will go to foreign owners of the companies. Their investments to the Czech industry are the main reason of the dividends┬┤growth, because they have made the companies more efficient and hence more profitable as well.

While in 1997 there was a 59.7 milliards loss altogether, at the end of 2004 the total profit of Czech companies was 278.5 milliards.

The highest dividend will be payed by the telecommunication company Telefonica O2 Czech republic, former Cesky Telecom. Its stockholders will receive 14.5 milliards of Czech crowns, more than 10 milliards of which will go to the Spanish owner Telefonica.

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