Vysehrad opens its most valuable part

The Royal and Princely Acropolis in Vysehrad has been restored. It is probably the historically most valuable part of this place and now it´s open to public again.

The history of the Acropolis is colourful. Originally, there used to be a palace of the ruling Premyslid dynasty, used as their residence since 1060 till 1120. The palace was restored in 14th century by king Charles IV. and later in 17th century it was replaced by a baroque armoury. The armoury burned down in 1927 and the place became a park. After the WW II. there were installed statues by J.V. Myslbek, originally at the Palackeho bridge which was damaged by an air attack in 1944.

Nowadays, there is a park based on the ground plan of the former medieval princely manor-house. There are conserved archaeological discoveries – a Romanesque bridge and foundations of the palace buildings.

Vysehrad was fortified already in primeval ages and it is connected with legends of the first Bohemian princes. Since 19th century there is also a cemetery where many significant Czech personalities are buried.

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