The Old Town Hall finished after years?

There may be a big architectural competition soon: the present Prague city council plans to finish the Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square.

Nowadays, one side of the square is empty. There used to be a neo-Gothic building, built in 1838 – 1848, which made part of the Old Town Hall. It replaced the original medieval town hall. But in May 1945, the building was destroyed by Nazi attack an burned down. Since then, there is only the tower with the astronomical clock left and a little remains of the destroyed town hall.

During the 20th century, there were several competitions for building over the empty space. But it was never successful, the concepts never interesting enough and it was never clear, which purpose should the new building actually have.

Now there is another chance. If the Civic Democratic Party, which rules the city council at the moment, will be elected again in the forthcoming municipal elections, they will put up a new international competition. There should be wide discussions about it among experts and among Prague citizens as well.

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