The Musical Theater in Karlin returns

The restored Karlin theater will open again on 12th October. It has been modernized and made more comfortable for visitors. The theater was damaged by flood in 2002 and since then closed, the performances had to move to the Congress Centre.

The old hall of the Karlin theatre was built in 1881. Now it got a bigger stage, which was lowered a bit for a better view and also the number of seats was reduced to ensure a good view from every place. The theater now has a big turntable and the chandelier above the auditorium got its original appearance, as well as the historical curtain.

The theater will now be one of the most beautiful in Prague, thanks to forty restorers. Its first show will be the opening night of the American musical Producers, based on the eponymous movie from 1968. It has already been staged on Broadway, Toronto or London.

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