Walk can prove criminals guilty

Czech expert in criminology Jiri Straus from the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague found a new method how to prove criminals guilty – criminal’s walk. He became another Czech person written in the history of criminology.

Man’s walk has been investigated for more than 30 years but only as footprints in the earth – their distance and depth. Straus’s method observes the curves that the body makes while walking. This method can be used especially in banks with security cameras. The walk of the criminal recorded by the cameras is then compared with the walk of suspects.

Straus method is successful for the reason that the walk is unique for every human like fingerprints. Straus would like to create a database of criminals and samples of their walks by the year 2008.

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  1. Lara said, Oct 9, 04:12 PM #

    This week I’m visiting Prague. Good to know that – thanks to Mr. Straus – we can walk safely in this beautiful city now, as there will be less criminals in Prague. Interesting and practical site people from ABC Prague; keep on going!

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