Demonstrating goats in Prague

Prague visitors may have been surprised yesterday to see live demonstrating goats in the centre of Prague. The reason is according to the Friends of Goats Club simple: on the spot called Goat ground (Kozi placek) near Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti) will be a statue of Sigmund Freud and not a statue of a goat.

The statue of Sigmund Freud by Michal Gabriel has been made and chosen because of the 150 anniversary of Freud’s birth in the southeast of the Czech Republic. However, the Friends of Goats Club do not like the intention to put this statue to the Goat ground – the only place in Prague named after goats. Yesterday they tried to collect as many signatures as possible for their petition. The Lord Mayer Pavel Bem, who is now busy with the elections, refused to deal with this issue.

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