Stricter security precautions in EU airports

The European Commission ratified stricter security measures for airports in European Union, Iceland, Norway and the Switzerland. These measures should prevent from terrorist attacks on board. The new rules will be valid from the 6th November also in the Prague International Airport Ruzyne.

Passengers can take on board only liquids and gels:

  • bought in shops on the airport behind the security controls
  • bought in shops after the passport control and before the security control in EU airports or on board of planes registered in EU. In this case the liquids or gels must be put into labelled bags with the receipt where and when the product was bought.
  • for passengers’ personal needs in packing of maximum 100 ml. It must be put into transparent bags which will be available in the departure and transfer halls.
  • for health reasons (baby food, medicines). In this case passengers have to prove they need it.

The strict security precaution will be made also for electronic devices and the size of hand baggage.

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