Victory for Civic Democrats

Civic Democrats were really successful in both the municipal and Senate elections. Their victory in Prague means that Civic Democrats can rule without a coalition with other political parties. Social democrats gained 42 out of 70 seats in the town council.

Social democrats in Prague headed by Pavel Bem promise to improve public transport in the city, to finish ring roads, to increase the number of police officers in the city and to create metropolitan police.

In the municipal elections in the Czech Republic Civic Democratic Party gained 34,7% of votes, Social Democratic Party 16,3%, Communists 10,9%, Christian Democrats 5,9%, Green Party 4,7%. Independents got 24% of votes. More then 46% people came to vote.

26 candidates of Civic Democrats (in 27 election districts) continue in the second round of Senate election. If they win at least 14 seat in the second round, it would mean a majority of one political party in Senate for a first time in history.

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