Mozart exhibition in Prague National Library

Although Mozart was born in Salcburg and died in Vienna, Prague had a special place in his life. He finished here his opera Don Giovanni and conducted it in the Estate House as a world premiere. His quotation “My Praguers understands me” only shows the big success he had in Prague. The National Library in Prague decided to give an exhibition to commemorate 250 years from Mozart’s birth.

The exhibition called “My Praguers worship me” (Moji Prazane me uctivaji) displays the collection of Music Department. The exhibition is held within the project Mozart Praha 2006. Visitors can find there a unique set of scores, word-books, letters and other documents of this famous composer. The aim of this exhibition is to introduce not only this special collection but also the time, people and thoughts that helped to created this collection.

The exhibition takes place in Mirror Chapel in Clementinum. Clementinum was visited by Mozart twice. The exhibition is held from today until 26th November, every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 18:00. The entrance fee is 50 CZK.

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