Widespread corruption in the Czech Republic

The rate of corruption in the Czech Republic has improved but still it is one of the worst in European Union. Transparency International evaluated the situation in 163 countries and gave index of the corruption rate. 10 points is the best, 0 points means the worst rate of corruption.

The best country with the lowest corruption are Finland, Iceland and New Zealand. Countries with the highest corruption are Iraq, Burma and Haiti. From all members of the European Union the worst is Poland in 61st place. The best from the new EU member states is Estonia in 23rd place.

The Czech Republic was evaluated as one of 10 states who improved during the last year the most. This year the Czech republic was in 46th place with 4,8 points. Last year it was in 47th place with 4,3 points. Still, the Czech Republic has to do a lot to fight corruption.

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