17th November - the national holiday in the CR

17th November is a national holiday in the Czech Republic. In the Czech calender you can read Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day. Today Czech people commemorate the beginning of the Velvet Revolution in 1989 which ended the communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia.

The events on 17th November 1989 commemorates a memorial plaque dedicated yesterday on the building of Faculty of Science at Charles university in Albertov. Albertov was the starting point of the student march that started the demonstration.

Milada Horakova, a politician and one of the victim of the communist regime, was awarded American “medal of freedom” last Tuesday. The medal was given to her daughter together with a letter from the President George W. Bush.

Novakova, who build up the system of foster care and adoption, was executed for alleged conspiracy and treason. She is now a symbol of anti-Communist resistance.

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