New time table of Czech Railways

Czech Railways (Ceske drahy) issued a new time table that is valid from 10th December. This time table brings a lot of changes in quantity of connection and the prizes of tickets.

Trains Pendolino will be prolonged from Prague to Bratislava and Vienna. The trains will go to Bratislava once a day, to Vienna twice a day. New EuroCity trains will go to Zilina (SK) via Horni Lidec, which will safe 50 minutes of traveller’s time. The train connection from Prague to Ostrava will be 13 minutes faster. There will be about 5,5% more trains running in the Czech Republic.

Czech Railways plan to increase the prizes of return tickets and customer fare (for this fare you need to own In-customer card). Tickets for journeys more then 50 kilometers long will be 12 % more expensive. When you buy a customer card, you will have 30 % discount on tickets no matter how far you travel.

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