Gingerbread Days exhibition

Gingerbread is in many families in the Czech Republic connected with Christmas and has a long tradition. If you want to learn more about history and „know-how“ of delicious gingerbread, visit these days Botanical garden in Troja.

You can buy traditional Czech gingerbread but you can also try to make it yourself – roll the dough, put it into the oven and decorate it. You can also learn about history and progress of gingerbread and baking forms from the 17th century.

The exhibition Gingerbread Days starts today and lasts until Sunday. The Botanical garden is open from 9:00 to 16:00. When you are in Botanical garden you can also visit an exhibition of succulents in Fata Morgana greenhouse.

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  1. mary said, Dec 9, 07:24 PM #

    I am in Prague and looking to find traditonal czech textiles, or the country type they used to wear in the villages. I cannot find anything or even a textile store for that matter in prague. I am a textile designer and was hoping to get inspired but I can’t find anything. can anyone help? any ideas? Can I call a curator at a museum? what about the university? there must be something somewhere? what about all the ribbon used in this part of the country?

  2. Jana said, Dec 11, 03:37 PM #

    You can visit Letohradek Kinskych in Kinskeho zahrada 97 street in Prague. A part of the exhibition is a collection of folk costumes. A list of folk costumes can be found on the official websites of the Czech Republic. You can also try to contact Mrs. Holubova ( from Etymology Institute of Academy of Sciences. Or check (unfortunately only in Czech and not in Prague). I hope you’ll find something.

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