More Czech monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

The Czech Republic has already 12 monuments on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, which is for such a small country real success. Now it seems that more Czech monuments will be added to the list. The Ministry of Culture suggests 12 more culture monuments or protected territories.

One of the monuments is Villa Muller in Prague-Stresovice built in the functionalist style. This villa made by Austrian architect Adolf Loos is maybe a bit severe from the outside, but the interiors are very interesting and unique. The building was reconstructed to the way it looked in 1930, including the furniture. Now it serves as a museum of architecture.

Another candidate is Church of the Sacred Heart (kostel Nejsvetejsiho srdce Pane) in Jiriho z Podebrad Square in Prague made by Slovenian architect Josip Plecnik. According to the experts this church is one of the most important world religious building from the 20th century.

Other candidates for the UNESCO list are, for instance, the most popular Czech castle Karlstejn or mountain hotel and TV transmitter Jested near Liberec.

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