No controls at the borders from the New Year's Eve 2007

Travellers can go through Czech borders without showing their passports from the last day of the year 2007. That is the decision of the ministers of the inferior of the EU who met yesterday to talk about the Schengen Agreement. The Czech Minister of the Inferior, Ivan Langer, says that “it is a historical decision which means that Europe will not be devided between people of the first category and people of second category any more.”

The only thing travellers will notice will be a sign which the name of the state they are travelling to. To travel through the airport without controls will be possible from March 2008.

The Czech Republic together with other new EU member states (except Cyprus) will join the Schengen Information System I. which collects police data about citizens. The Czech Republic will invest 200 million CZK to the system.

Even though this obstruction to the united Europe will be gone soon, the Czech people still have to wait for Euro currency. The Czech Republic fulfilled only two economic criteria out of four so far. The first new EU member state who will accept Euro is Slovenia.

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