When (not) to pay the penalty on the bus?

If you travel in Prague, the fastest way is to use metro and trams. If you take a bus, you should be prepared that it might be delayed. And even tens of minutes. It is caused by traffic jams in the city.

But what if the bus is delayed and your ticket is therefore not valid any more? And the ticket inspector claims that you have to pay a penalty? According to Tomas Jilek from Prague Public Transit Co. Inc by buying the tickets you accept the contract conditions. However, the timetable is a part of the contract. If the bus is delayed, the inspector has no rights to penalize you. It is the Prague Public Transit who broke the contract, not you.

If the ticket inspector still insists you to pay the penalty after you have explained it was not your fault do not pay the penalty immediately. You can write to the Prague Public Transit company and explain the situation. When they verify your statement, the penalty will be forgiven.

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