Changes in taxi services in Prague

Taking a taxi in Prague will be probably more expensive from January next year. One kilometer will cost 28 CZK instead of present 25 CZK. One minute of waiting will cost 6 CZK instead of 5 CZK.

The present rates have been valid since July 2004. The city council decided to increase the prices but at the same time increase the quality of services. Taxi drivers will have to wear pleasant clothes, not to smoke or bother other people with loud music. They will have to use only cars with air conditioning and not more than 8 years old. There will be only one colour – yellow – for all taxi cabs in Prague.

Also the reputation of Prague’s taxi drivers should get better. There are about 15 percent of taxi drivers in Prague who charge more than they should (in contrast to 65 percent in 2002). The Lord Mayer promises further improvements. Overcharge or not giving the receipt will be considered as the breach of the law and can lead to very high penalties or losing the licence.

Weather in Prague

You can find here 7-day weather forecast for Prague, Czech Republic.

Pension Beta

Hostel located nearby Prague downtown area near Prague congress centre.


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