Education project to support tourism in Prague

To present Prague as a safe tourist place – that is the aim of the educational project TouristEduca organized by The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic this year. The project was dedicated to police officers, owners and employees of travel agencies.

About 2,94 million tourists came to Prague in the first half of this year. 60 percent of them went to Prague. In many foreign guidebooks or on TV Prague is presented as a city with a high level of criminality, especially pickpocketing, car stealing or distribution of drugs. According to Petr Duben from Prague police, the rumours are exaggerated. Criminality in Prague is similar or even less than in other European metropolises.

The programme taught the police officers how to assist the tourists who were the victims of a crime, or show them the right way. The tourist guides were informed, among others, how to warn tourist against pickpockets.

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